Can you speak French at all?

For me, I like this better.

I listened to everybody.

Let's open it up.

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This surface is rugged.

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I also enjoy writing a lot.

Let's go.

She crossed her arms.

What's holding you back from starting over?

The victory is yours.

I hate the sun.

Can you cover for me?

This may be a solution to the problem.

I play with my cat.

You burnt a hole in my coat with your cigarette.

Let's go there today.

The question is how to say no without making Marguerite angry.

Would you gentlemen like to follow me?

I like the cold.

Everyone was surprised when I went into the room.


I love the sound of church bells.

All the truth is not to be told at all time.

Sridhar is amusing, isn't he?

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I'll show you around town.


That was three weeks ago.

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It's our duty to help.

Why can't I see him?

I go to work.

We played catch to achieve the goal.

He has gone too far.

Everybody loves it.

Make your students read books that make them think more.

Read the passage on page 22, please.

At one time, the gratuity couldn't be removed, but in recent years, passengers were allowed to "adjust" it at their discretion.


That's not supposed to happen.


Carole finished the dishes.


I'd like to change these pesos, please.


Have you checked your pockets?

Please lower the flag.

Does this look good on me?


"Do you mind opening the window?" "Not at all."


It's a question of will power.

His failure seems to have something to do with his character.

Ritalynne and Hal sat on the doorstep talking to each other.

Germany borders on France.

As it is written, the birds are preparing to launch an attack on us as we speak!


I don't know why he quit the company.

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His alibi is above suspicion.

Only ten people showed up for the party.

All you have to do is get there on time.

Why are your ears so big?

Hilda remembered where he had last seen Nils.

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Clowns also cry.

I will be with you right away.

I really loved Tarmi.

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Takeuchi sounded irritated.


Edward says he's not coming.

I've agreed to help Jeanette next weekend.

You're not mad anymore, are you?

Why is the Moon larger when it rises and sets, than when it is high in the sky?

Walt isn't a lawyer yet.

He prefers plain, simple people, for he is plain and simple himself.

Your mother is not going to like, not even a bit, to know that you were here.


A kitten up a tree.

We've done it all.

We are just trying to help you.

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Jaime doesn't speak English at home.

The police told us the road was closed.

I just wanted to see how Kerri was doing.

Please get there as fast as you can.

I should have told her that I love her.

Jeanne will stay here with us tonight.

My mother told me I needed to eat more vegetables.

Stop bugging me, I'm going to do it!

I have never been to Hiroshima.

Considering the favourable exchange rate, it's a good time to travel.

Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday.

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I'd like you to go there.


I booked a seat at this restaurant.

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Suwandi always tells Gary everything.


I thought it wasn't supposed to rain today.

I have a mind to undertake the work.

I was going to leave you a note.

Pandora is driven, isn't he?

Astronomers think the Great Red Spot is a large hurricane-like storm in Jupiter's atmosphere.

Roxanne's cuter anyway.

The plastic bag has become public enemy number one.


Most students walk to school.

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Let's not do that right now.


That problem naturally invited debate.


Someone told me Ragnar has quit his job.

If we read this book we are able to comprehend more about the country.

Why don't you ask me what you really want to know?

What do you think has caused the present trade friction between Japan and the U.S.?

I think of her as my closest friend.

I told Amigo what I thought of his idea.

I haven't asked her.

Excuse me for interrupting, I've got something to tell you.

He chose a good wife.


They took a two week vacation on Phuket island in southern Thailand through a travel agency.


Oh! That's too bad.

She studied Chinese in order to translate her books into this language.

Okinawa is the southernmost island in Japan.

I want you to do that as soon as possible.

How did such a strange thing come about?

Shall I call for you in the morning?

Today, many people receive higher education.

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I must've dozed off.

There is no such thing as the right speed for intelligent reading.

He met a seductive young woman at the party.

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Teriann can't win and he knows it.

I got to Boston yesterday afternoon.

We need to stop doing this.

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You have to get her help us.

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Stuart, this is Val's brother John.

Darci couldn't control his temper.

Jackye wanted this.

I want to learn some Turkish to go to Germany.

Tell Knute I need to talk to him now.

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Such was her joy that she shed tears.

I hear you wanted to see me?

My vocabulary is limited.

Hume often asks for help.

He has a good reputation no matter where he goes.


People at all levels are the essence of an organization and their full involvement enables their abilities to be used for the organization's benefit.

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Be careful, I don't want any troubles.


I think I've met Carl before.


I've told him before that the best solution for him is to seek out actual friends who will console him when he needs emotional support, instead of broadcasting on Fig Hunter, for reasons everyone should know by now. He already has his introvert site! Why should he feel the need to keep talking about his feelings on Fig Hunter when he already knows what will come of it? I understand that he considers Fig Hunter his "home", and the members therein his "guests". However, Pseudo didn't conduct himself as the most gracious host, either. He argued with people and openly called them names. Whether or not he is justified in doing so is irrelevant. What matters is that he doesn't have the time to be doing things like this. Talking back at these people is a complete waste of his time, when he could and should be working on his games or art or studying for university.

He was sitting next to me.

You should put aside some money when you can afford to.


A teenager sometimes acts like a baby.

How about playing tennis?

Jim's not a lawyer. He's a doctor.

Tell them I'll do it.

I'll never leave you alone.


Doyle doesn't use Facebook.

Angela plays the xylophone.

Why does Phill have a gun?

Beth and I are great friends.

I'm unlucky.


It's been a particularly good week.

I have read three books since this morning.

Make way for the children, please.


Why are you irritated?

What does Piet have to say?

What a sad story!

I married on the 1st of June.

Do we have to protect Old?


He dropped his wineglass and broke its stem.

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I was hoping to hear from you.

She was determined to make everything work.

They sent us the results.

This watch is shock-proof.

I only need one onion for this recipe.

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Literal translations don't work.